Where to ride gravel East Gippsland

19 May

Bullamwaal - Mt. Baldhead ret.

This is a ride for those looking for long climbs!

Starting in the old Gold mining town of Bullamwaal, 29km north of Bairnsdale and climbing to the top of Mount Baldhead and returning on the same route, this ride will take you almost 100km with 2200m of Vert and is 100% gravel.

Bairnsdale - Melwood loop

The Bairnsdale – Melwood loop is a nice ride of 40km over Mount Lookout and through the old town site of Melwood. It is approx. 70% gravel and has 680m of Vert.

Bairnsdale - Collqhoun Forest loop ret.

The majority of this 80km ride is on the East Gippsland Rail Trail, taking you through Bruthen (shops and toilet avail.) and into the Collqhoun Forest on West Boundary Road, and returning via Swan Reach (shops and toilet avail.) back onto the Rail Trail to finish. It is approx. 70% gravel and has 600m of Vert.

Bairnsdale - lindenow south ret.

A nice flat 54km tour through the farmland of Lindenow South. Approx 60% gravel with just 180m of Vert. Be careful on the busy Bairnsdale – Dargo Road.

South Bairnsdale loop

Another fun flat tour, this time 58km traveling South and West of Bairnsdale towards Lindenow South and through the Moormurng Forest Reserve, a pocket of natural bush which gives you a taste of what all of this land would have looked like before being cleared for farming. Only 120m of Vert in this one, with approx 70% gravel. Be careful on the 4 crossings of the highway.

Mount Alfred/Mount Taylor loop

A hilly ride north of Bairnsdale of 66km with 1400m Vert. Approx. 80% gravel through farmland and bush. Gets a bit remote. No shops along this route!


An easy 30km route starting in the small town of Lindenow (shops and toilet). 95% gravel with only 150m vert. Fun ride through farmland.

Cape conran loop

This one starts in the Cape Conran campground South East of Orbost in East Gippsland. A nice mix of farmland, bush and coastal views. 360m of Vert. Be aware that one section of East Yeerung Track is VERY sandy so you may need to walk some sections where the sand is soft/deep (adds to the adventure!)